“Strong families and safe communities don’t just happen. They come from committed action based on solid values”

Politics in Australia

  1. Australia’s major parties continue to expand the size and reach of government and use it to pursue the interests of their parties (rather than the interests of the people).
  2. The Greens, the third force in Australian politics, are also radically at odds with the values of most Australians. Greens’ policies include higher taxes, higher electricity prices, a relaxation of drug laws, same sex marriage, adoption of children by same sex couples, lowering the voting age to 16, changing the Australian flag, an open-door for asylum seekers, cuts to defence spending and the scrapping of the ANZUS Defence Treaty between Australia and the United States.
  3. Many of Australia’s politicians, public servants, academics and journalists think they know what’s best for society and have merged themselves into a type of ‘ruling class’. They now want to impose their ideas on the rest of us about how we all should live.
  4. The Federal government has centralised far too much power through its control of the nation’s finances and have turned the States into mere service delivery agents.

Family First

  1. Family First believes families should be at the centre of our Australian way of life, not politicians and government bureaucracies.
  2. Family First’s aim is for families to be self reliant – “a home of your own, kids doing well, reliable car in the garage, healthy food in the fridge, safe neighbourhood to live in, finances under control etc.” Families care for the elderly, the disabled, the mentally unwell, the unemployed, single parents and others who have fallen on hard times.
  3. Family First believes public finances should be diverted from expensive (high tax) government bureaucracies to families.
  4. When funding public services (education, health, public transport etc), Family First believes governments should, wherever possible, fund the ‘user’ of the service rather than the ‘provider’
  5. Family First believes property rights, free markets and voluntary arrangements provide the best opportunity for Australia and Australians to prosper.
  6. Family First believes government controls over the lives of its citizens should be wound back and individuals should be encouraged to take more responsibility for their lives.
  7. Family First believes it is now the only Party that can be relied on to promote policies and defend values that most Australians hold dear (see policy topics, left).